Over the last couple of years, I have understood that deep learning is only fruitful when the change that is brought out by that acquired knowledge is incorporated into the lives of people beyond the field. 

When the science behind the teach or research produced finds its way into our daily lives, we have achieved the very purpose of building it. Let’s talk about the primary idea behind the creation of WhatsApp- To connect people using their phone numbers and help them stay in touch. Today in a developing country like India, daily wage labor, drivers, housemaids, professionals, teachers, politicians, media, celebrities etc have incorporated this simple, user-friendly tech into their daily routines. The tech has touched lives in more ways than one.

Mapping a similar idea to research in science ( majorly physics and astrophysics), this blog aims to build a connection with the latest research in the field, popular opinions, out of the box ideas and the process of imparting real knowledge over pop science ideas. High-level research being done in these fields has a great impact over public life and building a case study of various opinions that a mixed ( scientists, tech developers, students, teachers and people with a non-scientific background) set of people is imperative to understand how the future will affect human lives and what the consumer base can expect. In order to participate and give your opinions on the various topics please head over to my Instagram account ( sagariiiiiiii__) where every Sunday around noon these Q and A sessions are held.

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