Welcome to my universe.

I furiously flipped through the pages to find the picture, “Where was it? Should I go back to the index? But what is it called? It’s so strange, it has a dark age and a timeline and light rays follow toward the end, and there are little dots called…. umm what are they called?? Gala what? why can’t I just remember?”

Could my 8-year-old mind comprehend the expansion of the universe? I don’t’ know. I probably never will, not until I build the five dimension space and walk back in time to see it all happen again.

The image had captured my mind and had etched its way into my passionate little heart. There was no stopping me then!

11 years later I still find myself flipping furiously through books, encyclopedias, and hundreds of internet pages to seek that one image of space that inspires me and helps me delve into the imaginative state of an 8-year-old. 

My passion for understanding the vastness that lies beyond us and the affects that we beings have on this space-time structure keeps me curious to go out there (build on ideas and knowledge) and explore the infinite ( if there is such a thing).

Join me on this journey of learning, questioning, creating and exploring the science around and within us. 


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