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Follow me on my journey as I explore space and life. I have been blogging on and off for a few years now. There are two sections to my blog – Space, research and science articles and the other is heritage, life and photography. I hope you enjoy it!

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A Journey to the great beyond

Jetting off on the 19th of OCT 2019, a sense of excitement, nervousness and happiness filled me. Research paper presentations are very scary, and boy was I scared! Travelling to a different country, to present your ideas, challenge established theories and come up with new experiments to overcome current limitations of research […]

The black hole curiosity

The endless doesn’t scare me, it surprises me.   Have you ever wondered why black holes are so special? Why there is so much mystery surrounding them? Why do we need such a strong gravitational force? Why are singularities so fascinating? To try and answer some of these questions, let us go […]

The expansive universe ( Part 3)

Ever thought about predicting every upcoming incident in your life? Maybe tomorrow’s question paper ? or perhaps when your dad will buy you your next phone? But why think small? Have you ever thought about predicting just about everything in the universe? If you have, you aren’t alone. Marquis De Laplace was […]

Expansive thoughts on the expansive universe (part 2)​

Have you noticed how funny spheres are? They have no boundary, but they aren’t infinite. They are just boundary-less. Now, this is a fascinating physical concept to try to comprehend. We all believe that a boundary must be like an edge, something we might just trip over. But what if the boundary […]

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Hi, I’m Rika. I am currently an undergraduate student in India studying electronics and communication engineering. Growing up I always had a passion for space and decided that I wanted to pursue a career in astronautics early on. I enjoy volunteering for education, outreach and representation for women and gender minorities within STEM. I started WoAA (Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics) India in August 2020 and have since then worked with multiple student communities within India and Abroad. I enjoy writing, photography and painting!

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